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Our Map!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

So Cassie and Kayle had some great news today-we have a campus map for our site!! Professor Hanna helped out our group so much by providing us with the map and also adding the Anderson Center to the map. Now we hope to be able to upload our own pictures of campus buildings so the map will resemble a Google map. It’s very exciting to finally have this crucial piece of our project! It’s all coming together slowly but surely!


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

I chose to look at the General Billy Mitchell wikipedia page because he was the subject of my History 485 paper.  The page looks like it provides a good overview of his life as well as his military career, airpower advocacy and the court-martial which makes him famous.  I am somewhat surprised that there a good amount of endnotes for the article.  In addition, the page’s bibliography also contains some of the books which I used in my research.  The discussion tab does mention some corrections on military terms and other suggestions on organization of the article.  Some of the commenters get very specific on different aspects of Mitchell’s advocacy, e.g. whether he meant one thing but said another.  Someone actually called him a nut, which just made me laugh. The commenter said:  “He was a nut who assumed that naval warships would be swept from the seas by land based aircraft. This was tested in WW-II and the result was that naval air swept the skies of land based aircraft. Just look at the attempts of the USAF to plan some way of being part of the upcoming Taiwan-war when it’s clearly going to be PLAAF vs USN. Hcobb (talk) 11:29, 16 September 2009 (UTC)” (  It is interesting to see people’s perspectives on Mitchell, especially when this person writes in 2009 about the inter-war years which is the period of Mitchell’s main airpower advocacy.  It is also interesting because this person says Mitchell is a nut and tells us to look at the Air Force. Well my friend, the Air Force wasn’t even around until 1947 which was years after Mitchell’s death.


The other wikipedia page I looked at was the Boston Red Sox page. It gives a good and brief history of the team and its development since the beginning of the 20th century.  It contains links to other wiki pages on the different periods of the team’s history. The page also contains a nice section about the retired numbers of important Red Sox players as well as members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. This page surprisingly contains 92 endnotes, so I am more likely to trust the legitimacy of the links and sources.  However, under the talk tab there are a lot of edit requests, meaning that some people believe that certain facts about the team are inaccurate.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Monday Kay and I went to see Mr. Tim Owens in DTLT (Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies) and he helped us so much with the custom layout that we want to use for our website!! It makes so much more sense now and I can really picture how we want the website to look.  We are going to use UMWBlogs as our platform and Tim will assist us in making sure that all components of our site work properly, especially our interactive map.   I have a good amount of experience with UMWBlogs so using this as our platform makes me feel a lot more comfortable than trying to use Omeka or even just  We also have our final milestones set which is good, and our division of labor seems fair and well-distributed.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly, although there are always those little hiccups that come with technology.  But I have confidence that our group will overcome any difficulty.

Group Contracts

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

I think that because we actually had to sit down and draft out our project in terms of the big picture, everyone has a better idea of how we need to accomplish all of our goals.  One difficulty we faced was deciding how to divide the labor.  Researching turned out to be a larger part of the project than we initially thought when two of our members began the research.  Now another member is also researching and the other two will focus on researching old pictures of campus buildings in the UMW archives, eventually uploading materials to the Omeka site, and also meeting with Professor Spencer again from the Historic Preservation department.  I think the group contract was very beneficial.

Audio/Video editing

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

All of the features that Andy Rush presented to us seem really cool! However, I definitely do not think that I could use most of those programs on my own. I am not a Mac, I am a PC.  While I do have some experience with computers and using online tools, I definitely lack audio/video technological skills.  I think voiceovers would be a great tool for our buildings group if we decide to film a short video of campus.  So I’m sure our group will need some help from the technology department.


iMap, sort of…

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I attempted to use Google Earth but was unsuccessful in saving a link to post.  I was able to record a route but for some reason could not figure out how to save it and make it replay. Hopefully I can find someone to show me how to do it eventually even if we do not use it for our project. It’s probably something I should know how to do, especially in this age of technology.  

I very much prefer Google Maps to Google Earth because the tools are easier to utilize and I am much more familiar with the interface.  I also like that in certain areas you can have a street view on Google Maps and almost ride along from point A to B.  I also think that Google Maps would be more applicable to our project of the UMW Buildings.  I agree with Cassie’s point that Google Earth would be limiting to our project because of the top down view.  Google Maps would be a useful tool because we could easily take pictures of the campus buildings and upload the pictures to the map to serve as its icon.  It is simple but it will look really good!

Here is my Google Map:

This map shows a route that I took while visiting my boyfriend in Virginia Beach =)  It looks really cool in street view too! It’s cool to be able to see it online and say, “Hey we’ve driven on that road!”  Haha sorry if that’s corny.