UMW Buildings Progress

I am pretty happy with how our site is turning out. We have made some good progress with finding photographs to upload as well as completing and uploading the buildings’ histories.  I think Dr. Bryan Alexander made some good suggestions to us  as well as to all of the other groups.  It was really nice that he took the time to sit through our presentations and give feedback. For the weekend and following week, Kay and I will continue to upload posts to our site with photos and histories. Kayle, Cassie, and Cam are uploading their awesome research write-ups to Google Docs so we can post them on the website. For now, we are progressing very well! And we will set up a meeting with Tim Owens to discuss our awesome map and how to upload it to the UMW Blogs site.

2 Responses to “UMW Buildings Progress”

  1. rluehrs Says:

    Each time you guys present I am surprised to hear how much information you have been able to find on the back story of the buildings. I really want to read Dr.Alvey’s book now!

  2. Samantha Warring Says:

    Well thanks! We have some pretty awesome researchers in Cassie, Cam, and Kayle! You should read it!
    And I am impressed every time you guys present-those cartoons are really cool pieces of history and the fact that you can view and even edit the originals is awesome! You get to touch history-in a way 🙂