Digital Portfolio

In my digital portfolio I felt that I was comfortable with the resume because 1) I have conferred with Career Services when I  wrote my resume for internships last year, and 2) I had uploaded a digital resume last semester for another class. I did make sure to update/delete information. I also felt comfortable uploading other digital work and mentioning my 485. I also  created a blog tab which I have only posted a welcome post because I am not sure exactly what I want to/should blog about.

The part of my portfolio that I am very unsure about is the homepage’s about me section. I tried to model it after the sites we viewed in class. I’m not sure if the information is appropriate or if it reads well. I also was unsure of types of photos to use, or whether to use them at all. For example, I wrote about my experience at UMW as a student athletic trainer. I do not have any pictures of me performing athletic training duties. So I posted a picture of one of the teams that I worked with when they won the CAC tournament. I linked that picture to its source on the UMW website. But I was unsure if that was the right picture to use.


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