Buildings Progress!

I made a LOT of progress today!! ALL of the residence halls are now posted to the site!! 🙂 And most of them have pictures as well!! I did struggle with finding pictures of all of the halls in the UMW Library Digital Archives Collection. However, I found many on the UMW Residence Life page as well as other UMW Blogs. We also will be taking our own pictures to add to the site.  I also uploaded a few posts in the “Other Buildings of Significance” category and another picture to the Monroe Hall post (it’s kind of a funny picture).

For the rest of the week, Kay should be uploading a “Contributors” page as well as looking for information to add to the “History of the College” tab.  We are going to set up a meeting with Tim Owens for next week (hopefully) to discuss uploading our map and changing the color scheme of the blog theme.  And as more histories are written up and submitted to our Google Docs, the more will be uploaded to the site! 🙂


One Response to “Buildings Progress!”

  1. Cassie Says:

    I am so excited with our progress. It is all coming together so well. I posted the bibliography for the residence halls on google docs and I emailed everyone the pictures I took on Thursday. Let me know if any of them need work in order to fit the website better since we didn’t really discuss size or anything.