Update from Creativity Symposium

At the end of the symposium, Dr. Ferrell called Cammy and I over to talk to Assistant Dean of the BLS Program, Michael Howard, about our site. He looked it up on his iPad (or tablet) and I believed he bookmarked it!!! We were pretty excited about this because this could be the first step towards achieving official connection to the university! đŸ™‚

I think that everyone did very well at the symposium and I’m really glad that we had this opportunity to practice it before the History Symposium.

One Response to “Update from Creativity Symposium”

  1. Heather Thompson Says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! I have to admit I’m a little surprised, especially with the minor inquiry Dr. Ferrell put you guys through at the end, but I guess she just wanted to prepare you guys for a defense of some sort :). That really is exciting and its nice to know your hard work is paying off. I also definitely know that I would have been all over your site freshman year if it existed, so I definitely think it will be one of the more trafficked site out of our bunch of projects. Congrats again!